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       Festivals Continued.

Chitra Pournami :This is Celebrated in Tamil Month Chithirai (April–May) This is actually the enactment of Gajendra Moksham. It shows how Lord Sriman Narayana Cares a lot for his Devotees. The Background story is Once there lived a Elephant named Gajendra and it is very much attached to the Lord Sriman Narayana and He daily picks the Lotus from the river and offers it in Lords feet. Then one fine day a crocodile catches its feet and drags it to river and elephant tires to go back to banks. then at last Gajendra cries for help to Maha Vishnu saying ADHI MOOLAME and as usual our Lord who is very compassionate to his Devotees ( human beings , rishis or devathas or Animals) comes in Garuda Roopam and kills the crocodile , gives Moksham to both Elephant and crocodile who were actually Gandharvas and due to curse they were born as Elephant and crocodile , This is enacted in banks of Cauvery.

Kodai Thirunal (Flower Carpet Festival) Celebrated in Tamil Month Chithirai (April–May) in order to cleanse the impurities of the flowers used in adorning the Lord.

Vasanthothsavam: Celebrated in the Tamil month Vaikasi (May-June). In Vijayanagara dynasty king named Annappa Udayar established Vasantha Mandapam in 1444. Mallidevan puthur village has been donated to conduct Vasantham festivals. Vasantham festival starts 8 days before Pournami (Full moon day) In Pournami festival comes to end. Lord comes in Kudrai( Horse) Vahanam around Chitra Streets then comes to Vasantha Mandapam. Thirumanjanam will be performed in the vasantha Mandapam. First and Seventh day of festivals Lord is accompanied by Ubhaya nachiyarmars to the Vasantha Mandapam. Remaining days Lord comes to Vasantha Mandapam in Solo. When Lord comes back to sanctum sanctorum everyday he visits Kambar Mandapam. Everyday Alwar Prabhandam is recited in the presence of Lord. In the Goddess Ranganayaki Sannidhi also the Vasanthothsavam is being performed within her Sannidhi complex.

Jestabishekam: This is Celebrated in Tamil month Aani (June-July) in order to get rid of the accumulated impurities. That day sanctum sanctorum is cleaned, specially made herbal oil prepared in the temple is applied on Periya Perumal ( Thaila Kappu) . Namperumal and Goddesses golden plates (Kavacham or Angi's in Tamil) are cleaned by goldsmith. Large number priests and devotees visit to Cauvery to take holy water in Gold and Silver pots. Gold pot is brought on the elephant and silver pots are carried by Priests and devotees from Cauvery to temple amidst of Veda recital. Then pots are put in the Western side, all the idols brought to “Thiruvennaiyali Praharam” Then Thirumanjanam is done after Kavachams are removed from the idols and handed over to Koil Jeer Swami and Vadhula Desikan Swami. Then plates are cleaned by goldsmith. After public worship the Kavacham they fixed up in evening.

Pavithrothsavam : Celebrated in Tamil month Aani (August –September) dedicated to the Pavithram (sacred thread ) worn by the Lord and for removing blemishes in daily rituals. First day the 365 times thiruvaradhanam is conducted to the Uthsavar in Yagasala and in the second day 1008 times thiruvaradhanam is conducted in the sanctum sanctorum for all the deities and are fully covered with Pavithram holy thread which is named as BhooKandi seva (Angobanga Seva).  This festival is to rectify the defects happened in day to day poojas performed to Lord. This festival being conducted in Pavithra Mandapam. This Mandapam was established by Jadavarma Sundarapandian. After Muslim invasion Lord and goddesses entered after 60 years in 1371. Sanctum sanctorum goddesses installed in the above Mandapam. This function first started by Brahma. Due to this festival Holy Cotton thread Garland (pavithram) being worn to all idols.

Sri Jayanthi: Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated in all Krishna temples, which are inside of Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple campus. Particularly in Kili Mandapam Krishna Sannidhi, There you can find lord Sri Krishna with his parents, father Nandagopan, his mother Yasodha and Ro hini . Thirumanjanam is done to Krishna and his Parivaram. Krishna and Namperumal are taken on procession in the four Chithirai streets.

Oonjal Usthavam ( Swing Festival) : This festival is held in Tamil Month Aipasi (October-December) . This festival is known as Dolothsavam. This festival was started in 1489 by Kandhadai Ramanuja. Now it is celebrated as 9 days festival. In 1st and 7th day Lord comes to cradle with goddess, remaining days god alone will be in cradle. In the presence of Lord Arayar recites songs daily, Last day Lord visits to Chandrapushkarani, theerthvari being performed. Then Namperumal comes to Oonjal Mandapam, Thirumanjanam being performed. Then night goes back to sanctum sanctorum. This oonjal festival commences eight days before Ekadesi during the dark fortnight of the month Aipasi. The last day festival comes on Ekadesi day.

Kaisiga Ekadesi  : This festival is celebrated before one month of Vaikunta Ekadesi. Lord comes to Santhana Mandapam, Thirumanjanam is being performed. Then evening goes back to sanctum sanctorum. Again in night Lord comes to Arjuna Mandapam. Here 365 poojas being performed. 365 garments are adorned to Lord. Kaisika puranam is being recited till Midnight. When he return to Sanctum Pacchai Karpooram (Refined camphor) is sprinkled, and then he enters the sanctum sanctorum.

Vaikunta Ekadesi : The most important and big festival , it celebrated for full twenty one days during Tamil month Margazhi (December-January), is divided to two ten days as Pagal pathu (Day) and Ra pathu ( Night) ,  with all pomp and pageantry. On Vaikunta Ekadesi day, Lord Nam Perumal, attired in splendid garment angi with pandiya Kondai, proceeds in a magnificent procession through Paramapada Vasal early in the Morning, arrives at Thirumamani Mandapam in the Thousand in a pillared hall to the thrill and joy of the devotees gathered in lakhs who have come from all over India and abroad to witness their Lord.  This occasion is the peak point of all festivals conducted in the Temple, on this day of days; Sri Ranganatha becomes a virtual king and is known as Sri Rangarajan.  He holds his Divine Durbar in that huge hall which is further extended by a specially erected and tastefully decorated pandal, throughout the day Nalayira Dhivyaprabandham is recited, and gets back to the Temple only late in the night.  Milling crowds of devotees constantly keep moving from dawn to midnight.  Teams of devotees, engaged in non-stop bhajans, fast throughout the day and keep endless vigil during the whole night, singing and dancing to the beat of cymbals.  Verily, it is the sight for the gods to see.  A paradise on Earth indeed! Moolavar will be adorned in rathna Angi a great sight people should witness once in their life time.

Sri Ramanavami : This festival is celebrated to mark the Birth of Sri Ramachandra Moorthy. In Srirangam it is celebrated to mark the wedding of one of the greatest Rama Bhaktha Sri Kulasekara Alwar's daughter to Lord Rangarajan. This festival is celebrated in in Arjuna Mandapam. Lord Ranganatha and Cherakulavallinachiar (daughter of Kulasekara Alwar) both are seated , Thirumanjanam is performed to them marriage is conducted.

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