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Sri Rangam near Trichy (thiruchiraapalli)

Perumal's  Name/s

shree ranganaadhar, azhagiya manavaaLan, Periya Perumal, Nam Perumal (in sleeping position)

Thayar's Name/s

shree ranga naayaki Thayar (in sitting position)


Chandra pushkariNi, kaavEri, kollidam, vEdhachrungam


poygai aazhwaar (1), bUdhaththaazhwaar (4), pEyaazhwaar (2), thirumazhisai aazhwaar (14), nam aazhwaar (12), Kula shEkaraazhwaar (31), periyaazhwaar (35), aandaaL Thayar (10), thondaradippodi aazhwaar (54), thiruppaaNaazhwaar (10), thirumangai aazhwaar (73)

Note: Numbers in brackets indicate no. of Pasurams sung. Madhura Kavi Alwar is the only Alwar who has not sung any Pasurams on LOrd.


praNavaakruthi vimaanam


dharma varmar, ravi dharmar, Chandra, vibheeShaNar

Presiding  deity ( Moolavar)  is Lord Ranganathar , Moolavar is in Bhunjanga Sayana - Adhi Seshan Sayana Thirukolam ( resting on Adhi Seshan in Sleeping/resting  Position ) . Uthsavar is Known as Nam Perumal and he is in Ninra Thirukolam .

Thayar Is Known as Ranganayaki also known as Sri Ranga Nachiyar. She does not move out of her Sannidhi Complex Her Usthavams etc are done in the Mandapam in  her Sannidhi Complex .

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